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The Institute is registered as an association in accordance with the Bill of 1901. It consists of associations and elected members of national and local parliaments from the district of Dunkirk (from Dunkirk to Armentieres).
It aims at protecting, passing on and promoting Flemish in social, cultural and economic life. It also seeks to have the authorities allow the teaching of Flemish as a regional language in France.
Four committees carry out the missions the Institute has devoted to itself : Academic work, Teaching, Collecting idiomatics and studies on the Flemish language, Promoting Flemish.
Semaine de la Langue Flamande : 21 au 28 mai
Posted: mardi, 17 mai 2016
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Dictionnaire en ligne : il dépasse les 9000 entrées
Posted: jeudi, 03 mars 2016
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Réponse ouverte à Guy Bourel
Posted: mardi, 02 février 2016
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Le flamand occidental à l'école : une réponse inacceptable
Posted: mercredi, 20 janvier 2016
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Elections régionales : un Office Régional du Flamand Occidental ?
Posted: vendredi, 11 décembre 2015
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