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Actualités de l'ANVT-ILRF

Les actualités suivantes concernent directement l'institut.

Exemples: Assemblée Générale, Réunion au Ministère de l'éductation, ...


Salons des langues de Lille et Dunkerque

 Lille : Le Festival des Langues se déroule les 19 et 20 mars de 09h à 19h -
 CCI Grand Lille - Place du Théatre avec la participation de l'ANVT-ILRF. Initiation au flamand pour les enfants des écoles le 19/03 de 9h à 10h et 10h à 11h.
Dunkerque : Le Salon des Langues de Dunkerque se déroule le 27 mars de 9h30 à 12h30 et de 14h à 18h - Hall de la Communauté Urbaine avec la participation de l'ANVT-ILRF. Initiation au flamand à 15 h / Conférence à 16 h sur le thème : "Les langues régionales en France - le cas du flamand" par Christian Pierre Ghillebaert.

The 2010 Regional Elections – Questions to candidates.

On the occasion of the forthcoming regional elections, the ANVT-ILRF did what it usually does on such occasions, that is : ask candidates their opinion and position about the promotion of the Flemisch regional language. Candidates ranking first on the list of each party were therefore sent a Motion for Flemisch. 
The candidates' replies will be published as soon as they are receveid.

2009 General Meeting of the ANVT

You are heartly invited to the Annual General Meeting of the ANVT-ILRF that will take place on Saturday May 2nd from 9.30 a.m. in the meeting room, Vandamme Square, in Cassel.
Do not hesitate to circulate this invitation to all those favouring the development of our regional language
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Open Letter to Mr Jean Delobel

On May 7th the Hazebrouck edition of La Voix du Nord issued an article on the 10th anniversary of the House of the Dutch Language (in Bailleul) with an interview of Jean Delobel as the foundator thereof. The ANVT-ILRF felt the need to send an open letter in reaction to some of his controversial or unfair statements about the Flemish regional language.

General assembly of the ANVT

You are invited to the ANVT's General assembly that will take place at Cassel, place Vandamme, saturday 10th may 2008 from 9h30 to 12h00.
Feel free to forward this invitation to everybody who wants the developpement of our regional language.
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